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Install the Chrome plugin to easily save dates you find on the web.

Design your week

Get a full view of what you have going on, tasks and other alternatives.

Reminders, on the go

Use our mobile app to set reminders based on when and where you are.

Save dates from any webpage.

Say goodbye to copy-pasting. Use our Chrome Extension to automatically extract dates and times to add to your calendar.

Works on everything from meetings in emails to Facebook/Eventbrite events to airline tickets, you name it.

Set To-Do’s and... do them.

We’ve all been there - the slew of things we need to get done but keep putting off.

Now you can set reminders, prioritize, and have peace of mind that you’ll get to it.

Customize your day to get it all done.

See your scheduled events, saved items and alternative options in one easy-to-use, streamlined view.

Coming soon: Smart reminders on the go.

Set your own alerts based on when and where you are - no more endless bookmarking where you never go back to them.

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“Use this every day, and they keep rolling out improvements!”

— Audrey

“This extension is far better than the Google Calendar offering at extracting dates from a page. The development team is super responsive too…”

— Julian

“There comes an app which you never knew you wanted, but as soon as you see and read details of SpotOn, you will wonder how you managed without it all this while…”

— Kapil

“Love this extension.”

— Aviv

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